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Align process and analytics.
We help businesses aggregate and better understand their data by optimizing their technology investments.
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What We Do

We specialize in providing solutions for
NetSuite and Salesforce

Data Analytics & Intelligence

Make informed decisions by measuring and understanding the data that matters most to your business.

NetSuite Saved Searches

Pinpoint the data that matters the most to you. Custom built saved searches and formulas for reporting, dashboards, email alerts etc.

Process Improvement

Streamline your business for operational efficiency. We provide documentation, training, and setup of integrated systems.

Implementation & Deployment

Get off the ground quickly. We assist in mapping, configuration, testing, deployment, workflows, and training.

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Drive sales and marketing decisions, build relationships, and accelerate your pipeline with expertly planned strategy and marketing automation.

Custom Solutions

Original solutions for unique problems. Contact us for details.

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What We Think

BAD BOTS: Damaging Your Website & Attacking Your Forms

A bot which is short for robot is a software program that either runs automatically or with commands over the Internet. Many different types of bots exist; malicious like email-gatherers (without user consent)--or helpful, chat room bots, search engine bots,...

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Cloud Technology Consultants based in Sacramento, California specializing in NetSuite and Salesforce solutions.



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