BAD BOTS: Damaging Your Website & Attacking Your Forms

A bot which is short for robot is a software program that either runs automatically or with commands over the Internet. Many different types of bots exist; malicious like email-gatherers (without user consent)--or helpful, chat room bots, search engine bots,...

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Marketing & Automation Strategy: Welcome Emails

Email marketing works. But as a marketing professional walking the tight-rope between brand awareness, information, motivation, CTA's (call-to-action), and finding the perfect timing for it all--it's not easy. Email overload is a real thing and we've all been annoyed...

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19 Business Travel Tips for the Wide-Eyed Rookie

TIP #18: Reality check. You are traveling for business and not for a 24/hr party. Try to sleep for at least 8 hours everyday. Don’t think that you are going to cram in all these extra outside attractions. Keep your business objectives and the purpose of your trip at the forefront.

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